Friday, April 4, 2008

Some Writings on the Wall

Week of March 31st , 2008

Rabbit & Noodles Casserole
Woah, did you just feel that? It was like a hate laser on the back of my neck. Just kidding... but honestly it would probably be best if Damian, or any other vegetarian/vegan/animal lovers that I know, just looked away for a moment.

I understand that bunnies unquestionably equal cute, however bunnies also equal tasty, prolific and inexpensive. This pasta dish highlights the very best of that combination. Forgive me…

Roulade of Wild Seitan, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes
Not just because I feel guilty! Well, maybe a little bit… either way, this is an interesting vegetarian spin on a French classic, which everyone can enjoy!

Info about the SF Food Bank, "Guerrilla Shopping" and the answer to what's going on the pizza after the jump.

Visit the San Francisco Food Bank
This is an amazing charity which I am proud to advocate for. I don’t think that any of us on a daily basis truly understands what it is like to need the Food Bank. However we, as food lovers, can appreciate the level to which what we eat, or don’t eat affects our lives. If you’re in the Bay Area please consider giving to the Food Bank, or if money isn’t flowing, then consider volunteering some of your time.

Also, the Food Bank is hosting a night out at AT&T Park where for a 5$ donation, or 5 non-perishable food items you will receive a 50th Anniversary Commemorative Giants Mug. AND! As if that weren’t already enough, Del Monte is matching all food donations. You can purchase tickets here.

Pizza Topping Generator

Okay, who hasn’t had this problem? I know that we make and order pizza enough to always be stuck asking what we want on it. This is a cute generator that makes up interesting pizza combinations.

The Chicago Tribune's version of “Guerrilla Shoping”

While I don’t entirely agree with them, they have some good suggestions. I agree with their idea of shopping around, but I’d caution against blowing gas in order to do it. While I agree with them that buying bulk saves money, I would actually suggest trying to avoid it altogether. Buying in bulk, or cooking in bulk, tends to become a bit of an elephant in the room. “Pasta again?” “Yeah, we bought ten pounds of it.” “Oh…” Instead, buy seasonally and locally if you can.

Also, as much as I would love to have a “well stocked” pantry, many of us can’t afford to actually –start- that pantry. When we first started working on our pantry I remember physically wincing everytime I saw what those spices cost – and no, you do not have a “well stocked” pantry unless you have at least one of the following: saffron, vanilla beans or Schezchun Peppers. If you do have those things then you know my pain! Instead of relying on creating your own “well-stocked” pantry, I would suggest talking to friends, family and neighbors, and create a communal or group pantry. That way no one is biting the bullet alone, but of course that does mean that if you ask to borrow some vanilla for a cake, you’ll probably have to share!

Photo: Woman Grinding Maize by Diego Rivera, 1924, courtesy of Humanities Interactive.


The Gain Card said...

1. the word "bunny" is offensive. please use the term "rabbit" from now on. it is more dignified.
2. it is not a rabbit's fault it is delicious.
3. and like most rabbits, i am disapproving of this delightful post.

Ryan said...

Great post! I love rabbit (or bunny if you want to get friendly) but due to them being annoyingly cute, we are not allowed to eat them in our house!

I just saw you over at the left over queen forum, I will be back to read more later!

toontz said...

My mother had 6 children in 8 years. My father was a graphic designer who ran his own studio. We always had a huge garden that everyone had to work in (one of our many chores). We also raised rabbits for food. Yes, I learned mighty early not to get attached to those little bunnies. I have to admit, my momma knew how to stew those those critters. Now, however, I would probably not eat them.