Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shove It in Your Face!

I haven't been posting hardly at all this week. What's up with that? Mostly I've been in the garden getting a compost pile up and rotting, clearing out a deep rooted nest of blackberry vines, thinning out seedlings, and willing my plants to grow tall and be fertile. In other words, I've been bitten by the gardening bug harder than I expected.

But we'll been having fun in the kitchen this week, too. There's more offal AND an interesting vegetarian experiment. I'm also very excited to finally pull the ox-tongue out my brine bucket (actually, it's more of a brine bag.)

Monday: Heart of pork stuffed with onion and herbs. Celery root gratin. Beets with their greens. Green garlic soup to start.
Tuesday: Tag-team lasagna with (jar) bolognese sauce and roasted mushrooms, carrots, and chard.
Wednesday: Persian "polo", a pilaffy dish made with rice, dried fruit, spinach and seitan (rather than lamb). This recipe comes from fellow blogger Taylor.
Thursday: Pasta in gorgonzola sauce with carmelized onions and mushrooms.
Friday: Unless inspiration strikes swiftly and decisively, it's probably gonna be takeout. Pizza? Chinese? Thai? Japanese? We haven't ordered Indian in a while...
Saturday: Ox-tongue with beets, potatoes, and whatever looks good in produce aisle. Haven't had asparagus in a while, but it can be pricey...