Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'll be right back with your ketchup, Wes-ley...

I've been reading Chowhound's recipes and posting on their threads for a while, but I never really got into their blogs until I read this story about menu development on "The Grinder". Guerrrilla cooks like me may not be looking to sell the same volume that a restaurant is, but guerrilla cooking is all about adding value (a bourgeois, reactionary expression, I must think of something else) to dishes for a minimum of cost. Instead of "ox tongue kale and cheese ravioli in herb butter" tonight, maybe we can have "Pillows of ox-tongue, red kale, and ricotta salatta dressed with sage brown butter."

What do you think comrades? Is "fluffing" the name of dish fair game or foppery? Discuss!

PS: The same blog also ran this story. Personally, I think this whole thing with the rails is weak sauce. I'm holding out for fully android waiters, perhaps with built-in pepper grinders and anti-cellphone missiles.