Friday, April 4, 2008

All the world’s a buzz

As you may have already noticed, things have been changing around here.

Beginning this month, we have partnered with, whose loverly ads you’ll see featured above this very post. “Oh, yucky advertisements, yucky yuck,” you may be thinking. “What are they doing?” You might ask. Well, I invite you to explore a little bit before judging us too harshly. We haven’t sold out, not even close. First off, is a San Francisco based company, and we’re always happy to see food excitement here in the bay. Also, we had a profile on before becoming a Featured Publisher, and we have loved exploring the site. The site is a searchable collection of food blogs, restaurant reviews and recipes. So, go ahead and give them a chance before anyone gets all uppity about consumerism and capitalism, I venture to say you might even enjoy it!

In honor of our newest friends, I’ve picked out a couple of my personal favorite finds to share with y’all.

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