Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shove it in your Face!

Week of March 17th, 2008
Week of the Living Leftovers!

We’ve got a double leftover kind of menu to look forward to this week. Schaefer carved up a chicken on Saturday and we ate the breasts that night and we’ll eat the dark meat with some red chile on Wednesday. Then, Schaefer made up an entire pork shoulder for our friends on Sunday and despite the fact that they are all raging carnivores – we had leftovers. So, we’ll be doing the traditional pre-Microwave dish - Shepherd’s Pie. This is a dish that I would love to see more of, it is the ultimate love child of comfort food and convenient food. Once I figure out my favorite prep, I’ll post a recipe. However, the greatest thing about this dish is that it is simple – meat or veggie stew in a pie pan, cast iron skillet or casserole dish, covered with mashed potatoes, turnips or whatever and then baked for about half an hour.

Monday: Shepherd’s Pie made nearly entirely with leftovers from Sunday’s Brunch with Murphy’s Stout
Tuesday: Grilled Cheese and Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup with Three Horses Lager
Wednesday: Chile Colorado with Arroz con Poblano and Black Beans with Trader Jose Dark
Thursday: Gorgonzola Mac & Cheese with an Argula Salad with Black Mountain Pinot Noir
Friday: Mussels or Clams with Fennel and Cannellini Beans with Venetian Moon Pinot Grigio

We had a great time on Sunday and we'll be posting up some recipies and details about that party later today. Also, we have plans to unroll some new additions and changes to our blog this week, the first being that we're now at our own domain address - The old blogspot address will still link up but this one is much easier to remember...which in turn makes it that much easier to tell your friends, family, padres, cohorts and pets all about us.

And that, my friends is that!

- Tiffany
Recuerde, para el hombre no hay mal pan..


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