Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shove it in your Face!

Week of March 10th, 2008

Ah, Daylight Savings Time – that cruel and unfeeling herald of spring. On the one hand, I’m excited because this means that the sun will be up later at night, which of course means – grilling! On the other hand…I am sooo tired, this time change is going to take awhile to sink in. Anyway, on to the week’s menu – a cornucopia of chaos and cultural creativity!

Monday: Shrimp Kebabs with Coconut Rice and Fried Plantains –
Served with Mission Pale Ale
Tuesday: African Pork and Sweet Potato Stew with Couscous – Served with Three Horses Lager
Wednesday: Schaefer’s going to do things with parts of the pig you don’t normally think of, well eating. I hear it will be French, fantastic and tasty…more to come when he finishes deciding which part he’s going to cook and how hes going to cook it.
Thursday: Grilled Mackerel with rice and a Spring Mix Salad – Served with a Pinot Grigio
Friday: Making the pizza – probably deep dish and unquestionably vegetarian (It’s Lent for another week.)

As you might be able to guess, I’m the planner in the kitchen and Schaefer's more the "fly by the seat of your pants maverick" type. When I’m working a lot, like I am right now, and Schaefer’s doing the bulk of the cooking – well, then its usually planned that morning or that afternoon. When I’m doing meals though, I like to be prepared. I have found that planning a week’s menu before you go grocery shopping does wonders for your budget and stress level. I used to wander around the store and stare aimlessly into the fridge and pantry…now I kick back and thumb through cookbooks and then go to the store to buy only what I need – cheaper and much more enjoyable! Plus you don’t risk overbuying things you don’t need or forgetting what you have in stock. Menu planning challenges you to think creatively and seasonally and constantly push yourself to hit all those nutritional highs and lows. This style of planning is part of what I will be talking about in the upcoming posts regarding the Guerrilla Dinner Party (GDP) principals. At first it may seem a bit overly OCD, but I’ve really found that having a solid menu, and sticking to it, saves money, time and stress, so more to come on that later.

And that, my friends is that!

- Tiffany
Recuerde, para el hombre no hay mal pan..