Thursday, March 20, 2008

Making friends and influencing people

Since we've began this project, I have become suddenly aware of the growing population of food people. Not, mind you, just "foodies" but people with deep and distinct opinions, observations, obsessions and reflections on the preparation of food, the history of food, and possibly most important, the enjoyment of food. Lately, we've been getting to know some really awesome people who we cannot wait to share with you.

First off, you may have noticed last Friday, but we're going to be doing a link round up of at least five interesting items each week. They will mostly be food centered, but occasionally things that I think deserve mention will sneak onto the list.

Next up, we've got our own blogroll up and in action over there on the left sidebar, below the archives & labels. We've got some solid foodie links, as well as a couple of interesting blogs thrown in for spice and flavor. Below that, you'll also notice a new contraption connecting us to the greater Foodie Blogroll. Foodie Blogroll is like the om-mecca-mecca haven of food blogs. It is generally a huge list of linkage, figuratively it is a magic map to the food blog world. The blogger who runs it also has an amazing blog which should not be missed.

Lastly, we've got a profile on FoodBuzz now and invite you all to check that site out. FoodBuzz is a great way to track different food trends and seasonal recipes, as well as finding local foodies, reviews and restaurants. In a town as diverse as San Francisco it really helps to know that there are other people out there trying to eat well!

Wow...okay, that was a lot. I can understand if you're feeling overwhelmed, or possibly just should check out this site to calm you down. Feeling better? Thought so, glad I could help. Now, back to matters at hand, I don't think it has ever been a better time to start eating better, enjoying your cooking and having fun in the kitchen. It is amazing what a strong and varied community there is surrounding the kitchen. So, if it is tonight or next week, let yourself be inspired people, the time is now, so get involved and take back Gourmet! Vive la Revolution!

Enjoy all of our new (and old) friends!

- Tiffany
Recuerde, para el hombre no hay mal pan..

Photo at top right: From the Dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz to the Revolution—The Revolutionaries by David Alafaro Siqueiros Acrylic on plywood, 1957-65