Friday, March 7, 2008

It is time to stop worrying and party!

My personal favorite part of cooking guerrilla is being able to feed people, lots of people, especially when I can feed them good food and good booze and we can all have a kick-ass time. Schaefer and I have lovely friends who we absolutely love feeding, but there is no way that we could do it without the Guerrilla Dinner Party principals. Cooking guerrilla allows you to celebrate your friends and your food…and more important, it means you can do it without spending a ton of money.

The best example of this is the differences between our annual Thanksgiving Dinners.

2005 Dinner (Pre-Guerrilla)
Cost: $120
Served: 4
Steamed Crab
Lime Vinegrette Cole Slaw

Dirty Rice (which Laura brought, so it doesn’t figure into the price tag)

Pecan Pie

2006 Thanksgiving Dinner (Post Guerrilla)

Cost: $100
Served: 8
Steamed Crab
Spring Mix Salad with pickled Beets and Eggs

Fresh Baked Bread

Forbidden “Black” Rice
Jess brought a lovely dessert (so it doesn’t figure into the price tag)

What were the major differences between these two meals? Everyone ate and everyone had a good time, but you’re talking about a difference of $30 a person and $12.50 a person – and that is a huge difference! At first glance, it seems that they should be near equal as both featured the same main entrĂ©e dish (Steamed Crab), and that if anything the second party should have cost more than the first simply based on the number of people and the number of different dishes we served. The difference is simple and demonstrates the principals of a Guerrilla Dinner Party (GDP):

1. Make It Yourself
2. Make It Simple
3. Make It Fresh
4. Make It Traditional
5. Make It Fun

Over my next few blog posts, I’ll be focused on these five principals of the Guerrilla Dinner Party. I’ll talk about everything from menu planning to execution and plating, basically outlining for you the whole concept of the GDP.

Additionally, we’ll be hosting a dinner (well brunch technically) party on Sunday March 15th so I’ll be using that as another example, hopefully, of a party well done!

- Tiffany

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