Monday, March 24, 2008

A bit of news...

I haven't been posting much lately, because I've been working on another project: our vegetable garden. I've had a lot of free time this past month, and I've spent most of it turning our back yard from this:

into this:
And then into this:

I think this whole project started when Tiffany suggested we clear out the yard for Fergus and maybe plant a tomato or two. Then I got excited about the idea, and Tiffany's parents offered to help us whack the weeds and clear the brambles. My dad was generous enough to kick in for some lumber and potting soil, too.

I've planted spinach, romaine, mesclun, bok choy and fennel in one raised bed. Two kinds of beets, kohlrabi and radishes are in the other bed. Against the side wall I planted onions, carrots, thyme, parsley, cilantro, rosemary and one tomato plant. Against the wall of the house I put in five more tomato plants, two jalapenos and more cilantro (a sort of "salsa wall"). We also heavily pruned the two small apple trees and the fig tree and cleaned up some rose bushes. We even "rediscovered" two camelias and a plum tree that were hidden by a nasty, feral blackberry bush.

Now that everything is in the ground, I guess it's time to...wait. Things should start maturing in the next 60 to 90 days, so be ready for some new vegetable recipes in May and June (I planted LOTS of bok choy). Apples and figs are due in September and October. The last two years the apples have been mealy and the figs all got eaten by the birds. With a little more care, I think they're both going to come through nicely this time. Applesauce, anyone?

I'm also coming to understand why farmers always look so worried. Already something is nibbling at the parsely on the west fence and two of the tomato plants are looking withery. On top of that, I spotted a huge rat in the back corner of the yard. Fergus was on top of the situation, but the scaly-tailed bastard climbed over the fence to escape. Laugh while you can, Evil Rodent, your days are numbered!