Monday, February 25, 2008

Recipe: Mixed Mash

Mixed Mash

Try this in the winter, or any time you get bored with potatoes! I like low-key, carroty-sweet parsnips with earthy turnips, but you can mix and mash with just about anything!

Three turnips. Get them with their greens on, if you can, and cook them up like this.
Three parsnips.
Half a cup each of milk and butter.
Salt and Pepper.

Method: Cut your root vegetables in half (don't bother peeling them). Cover them with water, and boil till pierced easily with a knife. It takes about 15 minutes in my kitchen. Dump them into a colander and let them cool a bit. In the meantime, put the milk and butter into a separate small saucepan and bring it just to a simmer. Return to you roots, and pull the skins off. I know it hurts, but get to it, soldier! Dump the roots back in their pot and mash away, adding the milk and butter until it looks the way you like it, then serve. (The lumpy versus smooth debate is not something I'm going to get involved with.) Once you figure out how much liquid it takes to make you ieal mash, you can dispense with the extra saucepan and heat the butter and milk in the same pot you do up you mash in.