Friday, February 29, 2008

Another day, another dollar – Another day, another dinner!

Note: I've had the flu this this should have been up on Monday, oh wells!

We're heading into the next week with busy schedules and an appetite for more. Schaefer is working late on Tuesday at an offsite event, so I'll be using my spare time to make up a batch of Green Chile Stew. And Schaefer's going to take advantage of my tax season status to whip up some stew of his own for when I get home.

Weekly Menu

Monday: Potato Pancakes with Apple Bacon Sauerkraut and Red Cabbage –Served with Three Horses Dutch Beer
Tuesday: Green Chile Stew (involving the application of Ms. Manion's Horseman Haven's Level 2 Death Sauce!) – Served with Full Sail LTD Lager
Wednesday: Chorizo with Clams -Served with Bonny Doon's Pacific Rim Dry Riesling
Thursday: Blue Cheese "Mac & Cheese" with an arugula salad - Served with a Pinot Noir
Friday: Spinich and Ricotta Deep Dish Pizza

Eric reminded me that I need more pictures so….heres a picture of the steamed fish we did last week:

Season's Eatings

You've heard it time and time again, eating seasonally is actually eating smart. Whether you're shopping at Safeway, Trader Joe's or your local Farmer's Market, knowing the seasonality of the produce will save you time and save you from craptastic veggies. Seriously, the best part about trying to eat seasonally has nothing to do with sustainability (which is great) or about consumer choice (which is also great), instead it is really about keeping the costs low and the flavor high. For instance, a tomato in December is going to cost you a lot and taste like crap, however a tomato in early April is going to be reasonable and flavorful, but a tomato in July is going to be amazingly cheap –and- amazingly good! When you think about it this way, it really doesn't make much sense to ignore the seasonal produce. This is especially true if what is in season is something you've never eaten before. Trying to follow the seasonal patterns will introduce you to a whole range of fruits and veggies you've never known were out there. So onward we trek brave revolutionaries…get out there and get eating!

I'm going to try to briefly note anything of seasonal interest when I notice it around here, however the best thing for you to do is to contact your local farmer's association and try to locate your local seasonality calendar. A great place to start looking is:

Here in San Francisco, as we dive into early March, the first of the spring fruits and veggies are starting to make their appearances at the farmer's market and it is once again time to say goodbye to our winter favorites. For instance, if you're a big fan of pears, their season is very near it's end, so it is (a little past) time to stock up and make some preserved pears or pear sauce. Tomatoes, on the other hand, are just getting started. We're already seeing some "Heirlooms" showing up at Trader Joe's, so the local produce can't be far behind.

- Tiffany

Recuerde, para el hombre no hay mal pan...