Friday, January 28, 2011

Writings on the wall

Courtesy of Redhope
 Sometimes, Change is a good thing... long as there isn't too much of it. We just returned from Santa Fe, N, where we went to college, for a bit of mid-winter relaxation. We were alarmed to find that one of our favorite restaurants, Castro's, was gone! Fortunately, it had only moved to a new (better) location, but kept exactly the same excellent food, prices, and even a lot of the staff! For those of you who may be unfamiliar with "New Mexican" food, Gil Gilberto has a great write up of the place.

What is the difference between "Bento" and "Lunch Box"?

I've found myself pondering this myself, and the considerably more knowledgeable Just Bento has an excellent answer!

And speaking of things that make you think...

I must admit I have never eaten at one of Nate Appleman's restaurants, but I absolutely love the A16 cookbook! So hearing (admittedly quite late in the game) that he has moved on to Chipotle is a shock! But I guess he is "finding good ingredients, raised the right way or grown the right way" for millions of Chipotle customers, instead of just the dozens that can fit into a cramped Marina storefront.

Behind the scenes of a dumpling factory

Seriously Asian take us behind the scenes of a dumpling factory. It took Tiffany and I half an hour to fold 45 kimchi dumplings (which I should blog about, come to think of it.) The TMI (hilarious name!) dumpling factory in Brooklyn moves a bit faster... Check out the video of the crimping machine!

Progress marches on!

The NMSU Chile Pepper Institute has created a new, larger variety of jalapeno designed to deliver an "increased cheese payload" in fast food jalapeno poppers. Because jalapeno poppers weren't bad enough for you...