Monday, January 3, 2011

Shove it in your face: New Year Edition!

Thanks to Joe Shlabotnik for the picture
With the new year come a new infusion of Christmas gift cook books and a new zeal to look beyond the roast meat, potatoes and sweets that dominated our imaginations during the holiday season. This week's menu is inspired largely by David Chang, whose Momofuku cookbook we've been eyeing for a while, the Veganomicon, whose recipes we've seen cited all over the blogosphere, and our favorite tried and true companion, Fuchsia Dunlop.

Read on for the menu!
Monday: Momofuku's Rice Cakes and Sausage
Tuesday: Fish Fragrant Tofu
Wednesday: Tai Bai Chicken
Thursday: Ma Po Tofu
Friday: Pizza (probably not Asian themed, but maybe...)
Saturday: Oyaka-Donburi (Chicken and Egg Rice)
Sunday: Dinner with the Parents


Boulder Locavore said...

Delicious! Wish I could tag along. Nothing like an infusion for new exciting cookbooks to break us out of a rut (or sugar jag as it's been for the past two weeks). Hoping you'll report on the tastes of your week! Happy New Year.