Saturday, November 20, 2010

Something Wicked (Awesome) This Way Comes...

That's right! The creative minds behind the scenes are excited to announce that we've got a pretty awesome project in the works and we wanted to give you all a sneak peak!

Make sure to check back on December 1st for the big reveal!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Garden Update 11/16:Volunteers!

It's been a surprisingly sunny November. Not only has the weather been clear, but the thermometer has come close to 80 degrees on several days this last week. The weather report promises 30%-60% chance of rain for this coming weekend, but until then Fergus is soaking up the sun.

Garden pictures follow after the jump.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Shove it in Your Face!: Chicken Edition.

On those occasions that we do eat meat here at the Guerrilla Gourmet, we prefer to really make it count. So when I was craving chicken pot pie, and Tiffany wanted green-chile and chicken enchiladas, we decided to make the whole week about chicken! I just bought a whole bird (a little over four pounds), from a Halal grocery off 6th street and it's poaching up right now! The two of us could easily polish off a whole chicken when we're feeling gluttonous, but this week the idea is to stretch the bird and the stock from poaching into as many dinners as possible. The plan follows:

Monday: Chicken and Dumplings.White Chuck.
Tuesday: Chicken pitas and with herbed yogurt. White Chuck.
Wednesday: Matzoh ball soup. Simpler Times Pilsner.
Thursday: Green Chile-Chicken Enchiladas. Simpler Times Pilsner.
Friday: Chicken Pot Pie with cheesy crust. Simpler times Lager.
Saturday: "Not-Chicken" (seitan or vegan chickpea cutlets) Picatta. White Chuck.

Writings on the Wall

Adam, this one's for you!
San Francisco likes to ban things, it seems. Plastic shopping bags in large grocery stores and soda, on city property, were first. Taco trucks were nearly kept away from schools, and happy meals got the axe last week. Before you roll your eyes and snicker, check out SF Weekly's lists of other silly bans.

Another big event last week was the second annual Foodbuzz blogger festival. We were delighted to reconnect with some old friends, like Salty Seattle, and meet a few new ones, like You Fed a Baby Chili? Salty Seattle has an excellent run down of some of the other blog stars in attendance.

Check out more interesting stories after the jump!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pick a peck of pictures

Week of November 8th

Welcome to another week of tantalizing photos of delicious food! We've come up with a new way to have our readers share in which recipes we decide to publish each week. We've picked four of our favorite photos from recent meals and we want to know which one is your favorite! Vote using the poll on the right to pick which dish you want to go behind the scenes and see how it's done. Voting is open until Saturday morning, when we'll publish the winning recipe.

Open faced Tempeh BBQ Sandwich
Green Chile Egg Muffins with Masa Biscuits
Ma Po Tofu

Clay pot Eggplant

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Garden Update 11/9: November Roses

The time just switched over this Sunday, so the already short days are starting to feel even shorter (it would probably help if I got up early enough to catch the new morning sunlight.) Fortunately, the weather is cooperating: we've had enough rain that I don't have to turn on the drip system, but enough sun and warmth that the plants are settling in nicely. We even managed to produce a rare November rose!

Continue reading for more news on the vegetable front!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Shove it in Your Face!: Autumn Approaches

Week of November 8th-14th

We rocked the second-annual Foodbuzz Blogger Festival happened last weekend, and we're in recovery mode: sifting through business cards from all the bloggers we met, trying to filter out the best pictures to pass on and most interesting bites to post on our blog. We're also just digesting all the specialty sausage, porchetta, curry chicken, and cornmeal-crusted pork loin that our nearly-vegetarian stomachs food we sampled over the course of two days! So for the next week it's back to our take on Vegetarian Frito Pie! We've enlisted the help of the Frito Bandito to help us steal a delicious concept and share it with the Veggie folks! Don't forget to check out what else we're eating this week. And, make sure to check back on Thursday to vote for the photo of the week. We'll post the recipe of the winning photo this upcoming weekend!

Monday: Chorizo and Sweet Potato Soup. Smooth, sweet, smoky, and spicy. Red Chuck.
Tuesday: BBQ Tempeh fingers with coleslaw. A new favorite from Bryant Terry's Vegan Soul Kitchen. Name Tag lager.
Wednesday:   Yam and Mustard Greens Soup, also from VSK. Simpler Times pilsner.
Thursday: Good Old Chile sin Carne (we'll do it with tempeh instead) Frito Pie. Name Tag lager.
Friday: Saag Paneer (spinach curry with fresh cheese) pizza. White Chuck.
Saturday: Good old Green Chile Enchiladas. Simpler Times Lager.
Sunday: Dinner with the Family.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I've come to love Mexican junk food, from the fairly normal (potato chips with a little packet of Tapatio hot sauce right there in the bag) to the more obscure (mango flavored lollipops packaged with individual dishes of lime salt and chile powder for dipping). But one of my enduring favorites are Sabritones, puffed wheat snacks with chile and lime dust. They're junk bliss: hot, tart, puffy, and so easy to pop in right in your mouth. But the Guerrilla Gourmet is about real food, not something that was concocted by a lab-coated tech chained away in some underground bunker at Frito-Lay, so check out the DIY snack adventure after the jump.