Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Picnic to Remember

County fairs aren't really my thing. The rows upon rows of apple pies and jam jars and foppishly coifed horses awaiting inspection seem a bit silly to me. And the petty dramas (will Mrs. Finnywick win the home preserves competition this year, or will the upstart Mrs. Winndefrock take the ribbon?) aren't my thing either. I grew up in the suburbs and now I live in the city and my mother never made jam, so I've always envisioned county fairs as a very rural, very Norman Rockwell thing. (That said, I did see a pretty good Guess Who concert at the San Mateo County Fair a few years ago...)

So you can imagine my surprise when I saw fliers for the "San Francisco Giants County Fair" posted along the Embarcadero right here in cosmopolitan San Francisco! Not only would there be ferris wheels and funnel cakes, but there would be an "Urban Eats" tent sponsored by CUESA with competitions for the best harvest basket, best homemade jam, best city-raised chicken eggs. That was more my style, and a great way to give urban food producers a taste of good old fashioned community.

Read on to see how things didn't work out quite the way I expected...