Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A new blog may be sprouting soon...

Here at the Guerilla Gourmet, good food is our priority, but urban food gardening has always been simmering away on the back burner, making it's own contributions. Indeed, a revolutionary cook understands that while the steps that your food takes from the kitchen to your mouth are the most delightful, they must also understand the journey it takes from the soil to the kitchen. Lately, however, the garden has been taking on a life of it's own and threatening to shift my focus away from that core content, and I'm strongly considering opening up a new outlet (either another blog or a full-fledged website) to act as a sole outlet for my horticultural musings. Stay tuned for developments...

A belated shout out!

I've been fiddling for a while now with a new, micro-commercial vision for my little garden, one that I think fits better in the urban landscape. And I'm proud to announce that I made a few steps toward inking in that vision last week by selling my very first crops! My thanks to Chef Alison Mountford of SquareMealsSF (don't forget to fan her on Facebook) and to Chef Stephanie, Culinary Mistress, for taking a chance on my early crop of French Breakfast radishes. Thanks to both of them for supporting my little corner of the urban agricultural revolution!

Friday, April 9, 2010

We're going! To a fry party! It's the best party! That's ever been!

Deep-fried food is delicious, if not nutritious, and I cram it into our home menu as often as possible. But it's a pain to deep fry at home what with the slick of oil that always seems to collect on the counter, or the risk of burns, or the fact that in our deep-fryer/electric wok. It's better to go out to a restaurant if you want a fry up, but the absolute ideal situation is a fry party!

Check out the slide show. Or read on after the jump for the rest of the story!

Pan e Panelle - Sicilian Chickpea Fritter Sandwiches

I first encountered this recipe on the great, kitschy PBS cooking show, Lydia's Italy. The target demographic is retired old ladies, but Lydia really knows her stuff and she shares the serious technique that Giada sometimes skips over... Pan e Panelle was on Lydia's Sicily show, and that episode ignited my interest in the humble, delicious, ancient fusion food of Sicily.

What's Guerrilla: Chickpea flour is cheap, nutritious, and very easy to prepare.
What's Gourmet: Panelle is a classic street food that illustrates the foreign influences (Arab, Greek, and even French) underpinning Sicilian cuisine.

Recipe details follow after the jump!