Friday, December 10, 2010

Writings on the Wall

Bad Granny's Kitchen, Courtesy Ell Brown
Most of our web surfing this week has been devoted to The Cornucopia Project. Check out the 43 entries on Thanksgiving traditions and cooking, from across the United States! But there are a few other sites that we checked out.

Anthony Bourdain's Holiday Dinner:

While our Cornucopia Project members were busy putting together elegant, sumptuous repasts, Tony was hinging out with ... Marky Ramone?

Gifts for Food Personalities:

The Amateur Gourmet put together a very professional "twitter-curated roundup" of gift requests from the cute (a salt pig), to the sublime (oil from your very own olive tree in Italy), to the surprisingly violent (Rachel Ray's head on a silver platter).

La Cocina Gift Fair:

This just started, so get down there now! If you don't live here, or read this tomorrow morning, think about grabbing something from their store instead!

McDonald's Robbery:

Locking the employees in the freezer while robbing the place? That's cold, man!

Raggazza on Slice:

We love Gialina, Sharon Ardiana's pizzeria nearby in Glen Park, but we haven't been to the new Ragazza, in the lower Haight. So thanks to Slice, and SF Weekly's Johnathan Kauffman, for going for us.