Thursday, December 16, 2010

Garden Update 12/16: WInter Browns (and Greens!)

After a few cold snaps and our first real rainstorms of the season, winter has finally descended on San Francisco. The apple tree is going brown and shedding its last leaves, and the plum is already bare.

The shorter days, grayer weather, and a heavy work schedule have kept me out of the garden, but things are chugging along pretty well on their own. Some plants, the parsley, escarole, etc. love the cooler wetter weather and offer up a bounty, and the cover cropped vegetable beds are settling in nicely.

Of course, my idleness also aids the nasturtiums, the invasive grasses, and that nasty, prickly blackberry that refuses to die in the back corner of the yard. It will be a difficult battle against the weeds this coming spring.

 But for now I'm enjoying the peace and trying to get a little rest and rejuvenation myself.

Escarole, on the other hand, is thriving despite the short days. Look for some some sort of winter greens pasta or bean dish featuring these bad boys soon.

The Cauliflower is not doing so hot. I allowed the snail/slug/cabbage moth population to settle in and eat huge holes into the leaves. A thorough sprinkling of Sluggo a popular OMRI approved organic snail and slug bait (also, as a quick Googling will tell you,  a side character in the comic strip "Nancy", an awful sounding band from Cincinnati, a fishing lure, and a vegetarian restaurant in Florida)

On the very bright side, I've noticed the first bright pink blooms from our pink Camelia in the back. And there are plenty of budding flowers still to come!


dp said...

I'm experimenting a bit with winter gardening this year. It's way too cold for the lettuce, but the kale seems to like it. The lemongrass, despite extensive mulching and protection from the cold, have died. So sad.

Happy new year!