Monday, November 15, 2010

Writings on the Wall

Adam, this one's for you!
San Francisco likes to ban things, it seems. Plastic shopping bags in large grocery stores and soda, on city property, were first. Taco trucks were nearly kept away from schools, and happy meals got the axe last week. Before you roll your eyes and snicker, check out SF Weekly's lists of other silly bans.

Another big event last week was the second annual Foodbuzz blogger festival. We were delighted to reconnect with some old friends, like Salty Seattle, and meet a few new ones, like You Fed a Baby Chili? Salty Seattle has an excellent run down of some of the other blog stars in attendance.

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After gorging ourselves at the Foodbuzz Festival's two huge tasting events, we found ourselves sorely in need of a cleansing shot of San Francisco's favorite digestif, Fernet Branca. So we were delighted to find out while flipping through back pages of From Argentina with Love, that Fernet is also huge in Argentina, especially mixed with Coca-Cola.

We always love Bitchin Camero's recipes, and this one for Chorizo, Chickpea, and Sweet Potato soup inspired us to jazz up one of our standard weeknight soups.

And finally, I always thought that my menu Italian was decent, but Jonathan Kauffman helped me step up my game with this handy pasta pronunciation guide.


saltyseattle said...

wish we could've hung out more- there's always next year! xo, linda