Monday, November 8, 2010

Shove it in Your Face!: Autumn Approaches

Week of November 8th-14th

We rocked the second-annual Foodbuzz Blogger Festival happened last weekend, and we're in recovery mode: sifting through business cards from all the bloggers we met, trying to filter out the best pictures to pass on and most interesting bites to post on our blog. We're also just digesting all the specialty sausage, porchetta, curry chicken, and cornmeal-crusted pork loin that our nearly-vegetarian stomachs food we sampled over the course of two days! So for the next week it's back to our take on Vegetarian Frito Pie! We've enlisted the help of the Frito Bandito to help us steal a delicious concept and share it with the Veggie folks! Don't forget to check out what else we're eating this week. And, make sure to check back on Thursday to vote for the photo of the week. We'll post the recipe of the winning photo this upcoming weekend!

Monday: Chorizo and Sweet Potato Soup. Smooth, sweet, smoky, and spicy. Red Chuck.
Tuesday: BBQ Tempeh fingers with coleslaw. A new favorite from Bryant Terry's Vegan Soul Kitchen. Name Tag lager.
Wednesday:   Yam and Mustard Greens Soup, also from VSK. Simpler Times pilsner.
Thursday: Good Old Chile sin Carne (we'll do it with tempeh instead) Frito Pie. Name Tag lager.
Friday: Saag Paneer (spinach curry with fresh cheese) pizza. White Chuck.
Saturday: Good old Green Chile Enchiladas. Simpler Times Lager.
Sunday: Dinner with the Family.