Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Garden Update 11/16:Volunteers!

It's been a surprisingly sunny November. Not only has the weather been clear, but the thermometer has come close to 80 degrees on several days this last week. The weather report promises 30%-60% chance of rain for this coming weekend, but until then Fergus is soaking up the sun.

Garden pictures follow after the jump.

The warm weather has helped the cauliflower, escarole and cover crop establish themselves thoroughly, which is good, but the warm nigths also seem to have increased the pest pressure. The vetch seedlings are getting bitten down by something, and the cauliflowers show significant damage frome caterpillars, which I have diligently tried to pick off, and leaf miners, which have not been able to stop.
On a more pleasant note, I've been delighted to find radish, pea, and possibly even carrot seedlings appearing in the main raised beds (That's a tiny radish in the left of the picture)! They must be leftover "volunteers" from last season, and I look forward to getting a little harvest from them. Hopefully the bindweed, mallow, and rhizome grass that I'm sure islurking in the same soil will be more reticent about volunteering.

And finally, one of my favorite things about winter in California is the seasonal fruit. Tangerines and persimmons are great, but I think Meyer lemons are my favorite. This tree is looking a little pale in the leaves (needs a good solid fertilizing) but it's producing a few Meyers anyway!

Thanks for checking in.