Sunday, September 5, 2010

Writings on the Wall

Photo borrowed from here.
Inside a Domino's Dough Factory

Whether you love Domino's or hate it, you have to give them credit for for revolutionizing the way that pizza is made and delivered in the United States. Adam Kuban from Slice (one of my favorite blogs) got see just what that means.

Getting to the meat of the matter
Dawn, over at Wicked Good Dinner, takes the mystery out of 'concasse tomatoes' while retaining all of the beauty of chopped tomatoes. Her ninja like way of dealing with tomatoes will make creating your own pizza sauce a breeze!

Original OG DIY - Making your own cheese
For the longest time, Mozerrella has been the cheese that got away. The cheese of our dreams and nightmares. Everytime we've tried it, we've had droopy results of little to no curds and little to no taste. Well, we're down to tackle the science of the matter and get into Mikemwa's recipe. Finger's crossed!

The Master Pizzaiolo (Finally) Comes to San Francisco

It seems like a Neapolitan pizzeria pops up almost every week here in San Francisco. Now the man who started the trend back in New York is here in San Francisco to show us the OG way to do things: 32 seats in the restaurant, four pizzas on the menu, one or two salads, and espresso and chocolate for dessert.

Learn something new!
That's exactly what we did when we came across Cook Like Your Grandmother's recent post about online classes known as, Real Food for Rookies. Even those foodies out there who feel comfortable talking about grass-fed, organic and farm raised livestock can stand to learn a thing or two about the many bits and knobs involved in cooking and eating conciously. The full round of classes cost around ten dollars a class, but there is also a four payment option. In reality, this is far, far less than in person one-on-one classes cost, and you'll learn at least as much!

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Those classes sound interesting. I am one of those people who often likes to talk about grass-fed, organic, and farm-raised livestock, but I am also not one to shove those ideals around other peoples' throats. Or, I try not to, anyway! I still need to post about your tomato pulp recipe that I found, but I didn't do so great my first time so I want to try it again before I post about it!
~Emily Z