Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hunger Challenge Day 4 - This is where it gets tough

Both this year and last year, I found myself strangely enthusiastic about the first few days of the SF Food Bank Hunger Challenge. We've planned a menu that looks surprisingly delicious, come in a touch under budget on our first shopping trip, and have several filling meals in our bellies. Apart for a strange craving for potato chips, I'm feeling full and healthy.

It's midweek, around day four, when we hit the "challenge" part. Tuesday night I called out for a late shift at work. Normally that's no big deal, I order a pizza when I get off work and walk triumphantly through the door a half hour later with dinner hot and ready. But even crappy pizza is way out of budget, and that means we've got to cook. And when we get sick, like we did this Wednesday, the typical prescription is a few bowls of Henry's Hunan hot and sour soup with harvest pork and a good long nap. This week, it means sipping theraflu while chopping cucumbers.

On top of that, we failed to account for a few things in our shopping list. It didn't amount to much (a few dollars worth of produce and tofu) but it's a few dollars we didn't have. Really goes to illustrate how razor-thin the margin of error is in this endeavor, and how important the services offered by the Food Bank can be!


sffoodbank said...

Even a few things can really add up! The San Francisco Food Bank provides enough for 88,000 meals every day to help those in need!