Friday, August 27, 2010

Writings on the Wall

Hey, folks, it's time for another roundup of the sites I've been exploring this week.

Eat Real Festival Oakland

 This is going to be huge! Eat Real is like the Maker Faire just for food people. There are exhibits on everything from street food to butchery to urban homesteading. We're hoping to make it Sunday at least, but if we can't, we're going to be SO jealous.

Bento Lunch for Back to School

Tiffany and I aren't in school anymore, but we have been enjoying making bento box lunches (we'll post some of our favorites soon) and Just Bento has been an indispensable guide. So far we've tried some traditional standards like rolled omelets and rice balls, but we've also strayed into the more exotic stuff. Terriyaki spam-pineapple-pickled ginger sushi anyone?

Cold Summer in California Leads to a Disappointing Tomato Crop

Beautifully ripe, sweet tomatoes are a fixture of Northern California's farmers markets every August, but this summer has been the coldest in the last forty years, and that's having a real effect on the local crop. But Bill Fujimoto remains optimistic for Septemeber!

$5 Artisan Pizza?!?!

Food critics have already speculated that the increasing number of high-end pizzerias was one way that the fine-dining scene was adapting to the recession, but Totale's deal takes it to another level. I suppose in a city where you can grab a host of recession-busting $0.99 slices, the inexpensive artisan pizza was only a matter of time.

Local Reporter Sue Kwon's Hunger Challenge Experience Last Year

Tiffany are I looking forward to the SF Food Bank's "Hunger Challenge". Every year they challenge San Franciscans to eat for a week on just $4 per person, per day - the standard food stamp allowance from the federal government. I was looking through their blog from last year and found these reports filed by Sue Kwon, a local CBS affiliate reporter who did the challenge. I have to say I think we ate better than she did last year, but it was a lot of work...