Friday, August 13, 2010

Writings on the Wall

Photo graciously found from Rmaspero's flickr feed.
SFChefs 2010 presented by Visa Signature
While we weren't able to make any of  the seminars or events, we were excited to hear about the annual festival of food and wine. But there's always next year and we were able to experience the opening night festivities through fellow food blogger (and event co-host) Marcia Gagliardi's stories over at If you aren't already, you should subscribe to her weekly newsletter to keep up on the ever morphing wine and dine situations in SF.

How do you say Taco in Korean?
Well...we're not sure, but we know how to say "please" and "thank you" and that keeps us pretty much up to speed once we discovered TaKorea and the beauty that is a street style taco topped with yes - kimchi. You'll need to play the hunt and wait game a bit (follow them on Twitter to discover where they are and when) but rumor has it that the truck will be moving out of SOMA to other locations soon! May I suggest somewhere near where we have lunch?
A Ramadan round up, news from home and re-discovering an old favorite after the jump!

Hyderabadi Ramadan Food Festival 2010 (Season 2)
The annual month of fasting (known as Ramadan) began this week for our Muslim friends and readers. Ramadan has always interested me as a Catholic, I know the importance surrounding a month in which you focus inward, directing thoughts away from the outside and chaotic life. I come away from Lent each year a little stronger (even with all the fasting) and a lot more respectful of what generations before us had to suffer for our current freedoms. I can't wait to follow this year's round up of a collection Hyderbadi recipes traditional for families to prepare during the special times of Ramadan.  You can follow along as well, over at fellow food blogger, Mona's site Zaiqa. If you're not familiar with the Hyderabadi style of cooking, you've got to try her recipe for Aloo Gobi Matar (all the way at the bottom of the page) you'll soon be hooked!

Las Cruces in the food news...have I mentioned how boring it gets during the summers?
My hometown- Las Cruces, NM has made an interesting blip on the pages of culinary blogs with a discovery that people's food buying habits can be drastically changed with a bit of duct tape. Researchers placed a line dividing the the cart section into two halves width wise and asked shoppers to put their veg and fruit selections at the front of the cart and everything else behind the line. Researchers found that 102% more fresh stuff was purchased - quite a big bump.  The idea is that so much money and time goes into telling us what we should buy, but so little of it is healthy food focused. Now that being said...having lived in Las Cruces, I can attest that the 102% bump could just be one person deciding to buy an apple (not always super healthy those folks) but still a hometown girl's got to be proud of any solution to the food crisis that involves duct tape!

La Torta Gorda
It's not everyday that you read in the local news about a favorite down the street - and it's even rarer that you learn that you in fact having been MISSING OUT on the most distinctive plates at said favorite. But, we're sad to admit that we've been heading out to La Torta Gorda for what it seems like all white people go for - delicious tortas! Thanks to Jonathan Kaufman though, we'll be ordering something other than the ordinary the next time we go in. Never having had the chance to explore the cuisine of Pubela and the DF, Eric's really looking forward to trying the Mole plate and I'm more than a little obsessed by the mere idea of a Pambazo. Just goes to show that sometimes a regular is missing half the fun!