Sunday, October 4, 2009

Grab your hat Grandpa! We're headed to CALIFORNIA!

Oh, balls. We live here, don't we? Ohhh well, that's ok, because we are still really excited to announce that we will be attending the first annual Foodbuzz Blogger Festival!! We'll be there to kiss babies, shake hands and exchange MooCards with fellow food bloggers. If you'd like to join us in San Francisco, we're happy to squeeze in space for another friend at the table. And we're looking forward to meetinng lots of bloggers IRL for the first time ever. For more information about the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival, vist the festival's webpage here. More details and information will most likely apear here as we approach the big November weekend. For more information about Foodbuzz and their amazing Featured Publisher program, vist their website here and tell 'em we sent you over. And for a good laugh, because we all need that on Monday morning, visit this link and learn how to make your tummies happy.