Monday, December 28, 2009

Shove it in (the new year's) face!

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is past: time for new beginings. At Guerrilla Gourmet Headquarters, that means holiday leftovers (including a LOT of roast beef), and getting into some new stuff from Christmas. My grandmother gave me Jamie Oliver's newest book, Jamie's Food Revolution, and we're going to try a few things. I must admit that when I first paged through the book, I scoffed a bit - Jamie's Italy was full of simple, robust food and old-world technique, aren't we all past beef stew? - but I soon got off my high horse. The fact is that while I've spent this last year filling my pantry with five kinds of flour, four kinds of chili paste, and finding just the right olive oil, I've only the vaguest notion of how to make simple, comforting, inexpensive beef stew.

Monday: Simple, inexpensive, comforting beef stew and Red Chuck to drink
Tuesday: Chicken Korma, turmeric rice, and mustard greens (Food Revolution has a chapter on takeout-style curries that looks pretty cool) washed down with Simpler Times.
Wednesday: Leftover Curry Biryani and aloo ghobi - Simpler Times
Thursday: New Year's Eve and we'll probably go out...
Friday: Cauliflower Mac'n'cheese.
Saturday: Moroccan stewed fish with couscous. White Chuck.
Sunday: Dinner with the 'rents