Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There's a First Time for Everything...

...and tonight was the first time I tried anything related to the infamous Durian. People say that even it smells so terrible, that it's illegal to carry it on the bus in Singapore. People say it's so delicious, they will risk the fine. So when we were poking around the Manila Oriental Market for a snack and we saw durian ice cream, we had to try some.

It certainly smells bad. Even frozen, the it pierces the nostrils.

I pinch my nose and lift a neon-chartreuse bite to my lips. I slurp it up, roll it around, swallow it down, and make a face. A bad face. That stuff tastes horrible too. Like green onions, stuffed in a dirty sock and left in a dark place for a week then pureed, sweetened, and frozen into an innocent little plastic tub. Only worse.

So I ask you, dear readers, if we have any: what's the big deal?


Zilla said...

Hi- I just stumbled across your blog. I like the design, but haven't read much of it- yet. Anyway, I had the opportunity to try some fresh durian at a social gathering a few months back. Getting into the fruit was a challenge in itself, and when it finally cracked open the thing looked like you'd cracked open a skull to slurp out the stinking, rotting insides. Way pleasant, right? Well, the house smelled for the rest of the day, and I grimace every time I even think about durian, but the fellow who brought it, originally from...somewhere in that region, swears by the stuff. He gets giddy when its in season. Very strange behavior to my eyes. Anyway, good luck with the blog!