Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And We're Back! (No, Seriously, We're Back!)

For many months I've been fascinated with the bacon dog. It's a heady concoction of grease held loosely together by a squishy bun, heated (I hesitate to say "cooked") at a streetside stand. And when I say "stand" I mean plastic wheelie cart holding a propane burner topped with a large cookie sheet, all set up in front of a parked van so it's easy to grab more dogs from a cooler. Or to make a quick getaway.

Yelpers say it's delicious
, the Health Department says it's unsafe, and Drew Carey defends it with a passion! For lo these many months I have missed out. Sometimes the cart wasn't there, sometimes I was in a rush, sometimes I just chickened out, but yesterday things were aligned. I stepped up to the cart, I ordered one with onions, and I added a little mustard. I forgot my camera, but SF Weekly has some good shots:

It tasted...okay. It made my lips slippery. I'll go back every once in a while, probably after a few warm-up drinks around the corner.


MissGinsu said...

Welcome back. (Seriously.) :)