Saturday, December 13, 2008

Writings on the Wall

Last week we were happy to lend a helping hand with the SFBC's annual bash, Winterfest. While we did expect to hang out with some wonderful people, drink some kicking beer and drool over gorgeous bikes, what we didn't expect was to fall in love with this guy on the left at the silent auction. While we didn't win, lots of money was raised for the SFBC over the night and we had a great time bidding, so we wanted to enshrine him for all time in this post. Now, on to the linkage!

Thomas Keller Photoshop Contest: Thomas Keller as Napolean! As Samurai! As Hulk Hogan? I loved dinner at Bouchon as much as (maybe even more than) the next man, but the Keller Pieta is a bit over the top...

Domino's Build Your Own Pizza: Pizza ordering and delivery has come a long way since I was a kid. I'm only 26, but I remember that back in the day, when I used to walk to school uphill in the snow, us whippersnappers used a telephone to order our pizza. Be sure to catch the "None pizza and left beef."

Cookies that demand attention, a krispy kreme recipe to end (sugary) hunger and the next generation in cooking classes after the jump.

All Your Cookie Sheet Are Belong to Us: This post is hard to read, but I like that the Amateur Gourmet is still pushing the envelope. And death-dealing Ina Garten amuses me...

Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding With Butter Rum Sauce: Just in case the average Krispy Kreme isn't enough to send you into diabetic overload, here's a recipe that guarantees to cure the sweetest of the sweet teeth out there. And, for the rest of us? Just a bite should do it...just one little bite...a tiny... okay I cannot honestly say I would pass up a chance to try this sugarpalooza!

Cooking classes for the DS generation
: Nintendo recently released Personal Trainer: Cooking, a "game" for their DS system which claims to allow "players" to choose, create and practice recipes. We have to admit we're curious. Both of us have learned to cook the old fashioned way, 99% necessity and 1% innovation...and aren't sure that this is a process that can be automated. So, if you've tried it out, let us know what you think!

Photo, Upper left: Heinz der Metzger by Rhonda Winter from the SFBC flikr feed.