Saturday, December 6, 2008

Writings on the Wall

Post-Post-Thanksgiving Edition

This week has been dominated by ham, ham, ham, and turkey. Now that we've depleted our post Thanksgiving stocks of meat, and pickles, and squash and olives, it's back to actually buying food.

Sometime in the coming weeks, I'll be reviewing The Righteous Pork Chop, by Nicolette Hanh Niman, which I just picked out of the uncorrected proofs box at the bookstore. Niman worked for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. at the Waterkeeper Alliance as an environmental attorney. At the time she was a vegetarian, but as she dug deeper into factory farming she also cam to learn more about responsible ranchers like her now husband Bill Niman. I look forward to her take on the ethics, sustainability and, I hope, the economy, of eating meat responsibly.

And now a few things we've been reading this week.

On Cast Iron and Strata: Tiffany had a study group this morning and I needed to pull brunch for four out of my ass. I did swiss cheese, green chiles, and this weeks ubiquitous ham rather than tomato and feta, but I did love The Kitchen Sink's photography.

A to Z of Marathi Food: We used to eat at Spicy Bite, the local tandoori and curry joint, a lot, and now it's out of the budget. Sad faces. But that doesn't stop me wanting aloo mint tikki or saag paneer, so I'll be turning to One Hot Stove's highly original alphabetical roundup for inspiration.

Miss Ginsu's 2008 Advent Calendar: This is too cute. I like number 6.

Good bye to an old friend (sort of) and something delicious that I'm unlikely to make any time soon, all after the jump.

Monsieur Tofu is dead. Long live Monsieur Tofu!: As a big fan of Anthony Bourdain who can't afford foie gras and thinks that two tablespoons of butter in mashed potatoes is quite enough, thank you, I found Hezbollah Tofu's embittered romp through the Les Halles Cookbook fascinating. Their choices were frequently deranged and weird rancor behind their project was tiresome, but this dish was beautiful, and they were never boring...

Spanish Kitchen's Artichoke "Nests" with Foie Gras and Quail Eggs: This recipe is so not guerrilla, but I still want to make it.

Photo by zephyrbunny, via Flickr