Monday, December 1, 2008

Shove it in Your Face! Red State Edition

Here at Guerrilla Gourmet headquarters, we love ethnic food. I like to cook regional Italian and bistro French, and I like to keep track of the burrito and bacon dog scene, but this week we have a pile of leftovers. A hulking hunk o' ham, a pile of sliced turkey, two big winter squashes, and bits and pieces of duck stock, cranberry relish, and a prepacked Indian dinner (don't ask.) So this week, in honor of our patriotic pile of leftovers, we'll be cooking classic, middle American food, (but drinking mostly Czech beer.)

Click through for the menu:

: Turkey pot, turkey pot, turkey pot pie!
Tuesday: Fresh Dungeness crab in lemongrass broth with long beans and jasmine rice. (This is not really Middle American, I know, but we're having our landlord for dinner.)
Wednesday: Ham, swiss and mushroom turnovers
Thursday: Ham and white bean soup.
Friday: Kohlrabi (or maybe potato and yam) ham bake.
Saturday: I've been wanting a bit of steak...