Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wowza! An Election Night Edition of Shove It In Your Face!

Barack Obama, the now and future president, reads this blog. In fact, he loves it, almost as much as he loves hot sauce.

Okay, okay so maybe both Eric and I are just feeling the hopeful tides of change a bit too much, but we'd like think he would read it, and love it, if you know he had the time to kick back and check it out...so maybe now that he's done campaigning he'll get right on it? Well, we'll let you know. But for now, without further blather, onto this week's menu... As Eric mentioned last week, we're working on focusing our weekly menus on a central theme. This week's theme is a classic cliche- Mexican week! But, before you judge us to harshly, you should know that our version of Mexican week has a minimum of stale tortilla chips, lame-o salsa or giant Margaritas. It does however offer fresh tortillas, chayote and frijoles. Check it all out after the jump.

Monday: Red Chile Enchiladas made with homemade corn tortillas and Hatch Red Chile Sauce. Served with coriander cole slaw and Spanish rice.
Tuesday: Calabacitas made with chayote, served on rice.
Wednesday: Homemade chicken mole. Served with fresh tortillas and queso aneco.
Thursday: Casa Posole and Cheese with served with frijoles.
Friday: Sopa de Frijoles served with fresh tortillas.