Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shove it in Your Face!

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin was from Philadelphia? Did you know that Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird? Did you know that those two facts provide me with a thinly-veiled justification to open our Thanksgiving edition with an (old, but still funny) Always Sunny in Philadephia music video instead of the obligatory picture of a turkey?

Everybody is talking turkey this week, so I guess I should too. That means a confession: I don't particularly like turkey. My mother and grandmother roast very good turkeys on Thanksgiving and at Christmas, but I always wanted something more exotic or local. Dungeness crab, venison, and California Lake sturgeon were perennial requests. As my mother explained, very reasonably, venison was too difficult to find, crab was too expensive, and sturgeon was just too weird. The rest of the year, I really only encounter turkey in sandwiches, where it usually tastes like extra-rubbery chicken.

But starting last week Safeway started selling whole, frozen turkeys for $6.99 each, and that was too good a deal to pass up. So we made a big batch of mole with turkey, brined, smoked, and sliced the breasts for sandwiches, and made about four quarts of stock. We're also expecting piles of leftovers that will probably fall victim to the empanada machine.

Read on for the menu...

Monday: My hippied-out brother is coming down from Humboldt, and we're going to make him african-style sweet potato stew with halal lamb and mustard greens. We will drink beer.
Tuesday: Smoked-turkey "bikkies" with more mustard greens ($2.00 for three huge bunches!) and beer.
Wednesday: Arroz con Pavo, with more turkey. Beer!
Thursday: Thanksgiving dinner. We'll certainly have turkey and trimmings, and I think my dad got hold of several bottles of Beaujolais-Nouveau.
Friday: Probably empanadas. Probably turkey. Probably beer.
Saturday: Probably more turkey, probably more beer.

Eric and Tiffany