Monday, November 17, 2008

Shove it in Your Face!

Mr. Bean's Mexican Vacation!

San Francisco has a good public arts commission that serves up Burning Man leftovers, busts of gay heroes, and big, colorful hearts for charity. But there just aren't enough cheesy cartoon sculptures of giant food. This guy is going to be a great friend to us this week, with a starring role in bean soup on Tuesday and appearing, opposite Chorizo, in a supporting role in just about everything else.

Also, I don't usually like turkey (I've been lobbying for a crab or venison Thanksgiving for years) but they were on sale for $5.99 each at Safeway last week. I'm not quite sure how we'll thaw, butcher, and use a ten pound turkey but I have a few ideas. I'm sure you'll hear about it next week.

Details, as always, follow the jump.

Monday: Red-chile enchiladas with beans! and sopa.
Tuesday: Pinto bean soup.
Wednesday: Cheesy pozole.
Thursday: Stuffed chayote.
Friday: Mole de Pavo.
Saturday: We'll figure it out.

Picture by Len Suchan of Mr. Lens Photography, via Big Things: The Monuments of Canada