Monday, October 27, 2008

Shove it in Your Face!

For the last few weeks we've been focusing on themes, choosing one ethnic genre to cook in for a full week. The idea is to limit cost by purchasing a focused suite of pantry staples and force creativity by learning how to use them in inventive new ways. Mexican week and Italian week were both resounding successes, and this coming week is French.

I love a bit of French cooking. Here's what's up's:

Monday: Onion soup gratinee. Salad verte. Red Chuck.
Tuesday: Pork heart, mashed potatoes, blue lake beans. Red Chuck.
Wednesday: Soupe au Pistou. White Chuck.
Thursday: Foie de Bouef Lyonnaise. Sauteed greens. Mixed mash.
Friday: Seasonal quiche. Salade verte. Red Chuck.
Saturday: Quelque chose. Je n'sais pas...