Monday, October 20, 2008

Shove it in Your Face!

First, a brief recap of last week: Mole Poblano, red chile enchiladas with frijoles charros, bean soup, calabacitas con pollo, In-N-Out, and pizza! It was a good week, with kind of a Mexican theme. The idea was to save money by buying a limited number of bulk pantry staples in a particular "genre" of cooking. That meant buying dry beans, chiles, and masa harina. This coming week is Italian, so you'll see arborio rice, fresh pasta, and cannellini beans. Also, the campaign for Proposition Two here in California has reminded me of my commitment to save money by eating less meat, of higher quality. In fact, apart from some eggs, and a few unlucky anchovies, I think the coming week is completely vegetarian...

Monday: Salerno-style pasta with fried eggs and bread crumbs. White Chuck.
Tuesday: Wild mushroom risotto. Red Chuck.
Wednesday: Arancini. Red Chuck.
Thursday: Tuscan-style white bean and bread soup. White Chuck.
Friday: Pizza! Red Chuck.


sexyrebelleader said...

I (and your wallet) vote for a week of lentils.

Mostly just so I feel less weird about eating them all the time.