Friday, September 26, 2008

Writings on the Wall

Roasted Vegetable Couscous Salad with Harissa Dressing
Dina Sarhan, often called the Martha Stewart of the Middle East, brings together my favorite ingredients to create an amazing salad. With the holiday season coming up, this dish could easily become anyone's signature pot-luck contribution! Plus, her website features this amazingly useful, category detail search.

Ancient Egyptian recipe inspires modernized brew
Brewers at Dogfish Head breathe new life into an ancient cocktail, the Midas Touch Ale. Using university anthropological studies, they were able to create a modern ale involving, among other ingredients, Sake yeast and chrysanthemum flowers. While we know that the ale is distributed by DBI beverages in the area, but we can't figure out where to try the, if you've see it around, or tried it, let us know!
After the jump - Cooking judgements, Trumpets of Death,
and a hungry Eric Schlosser...

The Dish on Being a Cooking a Judge in a Cooking Contest
Ever wonder if you had what it took to be a judge for a contest like Iron Chef? Well, Marlene Parrish, of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, was invited to judge two back-to-back cooking contests and has all the gooey details!

Red Mullet stuffed with Trumpets of Death and wrapped in Ham...on a bed of Romesco and Potatoes.
As if the name wasn't enough to get someone interested, Nuria, of Spanish Recipes, serves up a recipe that is guaranteed to drive your palate crazy. Her creative use of a rather untested fishy and boutique mushrooms combined with traditional jambon is a must try for this fall.

Eric Schlosser is Hungry for Change
Author Eric Schlosser speaks candidly about boutique tomatoes and the workers who endure slave-like conditions. Part of Edible Nation's "Hungry for Change" promotional tour for the upcoming documentary Food. Inc.

Photo: Courtesy of Ultraclay(dot)com


MissGinsu said...

mmm... Roasted veggie salad with a harissa dressing sounds like it's right up my culinary alley. Thanks for the link!