Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Writings on the Wall

Writings on the Wall, Slow Food Edition.

I swear I couldn't move last weekend without someone telling me to "come to the table," so a lot of these links are about, you guessed it, Slow Food.

Hangover Observations on Slow Food Nation: We only got to see a tiny slice of the Slow Food Nation pie, so I've relied on Eater SF for vicarious pleasure.

The Challenges of Slow Food
: Just about everyone in San Francisco was gushy over Slow Food Nation, including me, so it was nice to get a little East Coast view on the subject.

It gets a bit graphic from here...

Porchetta di Testa: Just to warn you, this one's a bit graphic. Last weekend we went to a little workshop on tasty salted pig parts. Here is the chef at Incanto and co-owner of Boccalone demonstrating how they make their (in)famous "porchetta di testa."

Ten worst drinks. I'll stick to Scotch, neat...

Pickle Lab: A few weeks ago, I made some pickles. They were quite good, but I could have saved myself a lot of trouble by playing around in the pickle lab first.

Photo by pixelm. Thanks.