Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Shove it in Your Face!

Lately, we've been trying to plan our menus a full two weeks ahead in order to save on trips to the grocery store. It's been rather a challenge, since there is just no really good way to predict when you are going to run out of, say, pine nuts. So I guess that until we hire a full-time Garde Manger, we'll just have to stay on top of it as best we can. The picture on the left is of a delicious pot-roast pie we made this weekend with a Horseradish and Chive Havarti Crust. It was a spectacular success, and clean up was incredibly easy! We'll post the recipe as soon as we work on the minutiae!

Before we forget, this last weekend at Slow Food Nation, Foodbuzz scored us tickets to a "Slow Sips and Charcuterie taste workshop", where we got a chance to meet Sam Edwards of the Virginia Traditions Smokehouse, Marc Pastore of Incanto and Boccalone, and Kenneth Rochford from Medloch-Ames winery. We sampled two excellent salty pork products and accompanying "sustainable" wines and learned a little about modern meat. Look for a bit more about later this week.

And on to the menu...

Monday: Pasta in citrus-zest pesto. White Chuck.
Tuesday: "Hot Pockets!" Just kidding. We're raiding our frozen, home-made empanada stash. Black beans, mexican cole-slaw, beer. Maybe some cake for dessert...
Wednesday: Grilled Calzones with Farmer's Market fillings. Red Chuck.
Thursday: Red chile enchiladas, more beans, sopa de fideo. Lager!
Friday: Misir Wot with Polenta. White Wine of some variety.
Saturday: Eat out. Maybe IHop?
Sunday: Folks' house.