Friday, August 29, 2008

Writings on the wall

I just got back from the exhibition farmer's market at Slow Food Nation, and I gotta admit I was a little under-wowed. A beautiful setup, but a little short on actual, you know, food. We'll talk more about Slow Food later this weekend, here are your weekly tidbits.

Table Talk: Chef Fergus Henderson. I cook from this guy's book a lot, and I love the approach he brings to cooking: old-school British food with just a touch of whimsy to keep things lively.

Spicy Pozole with steak, avocado, and lime
. This doesn't look anything like the pozole I had in Santa Fe; it looks WAY better.

Red Alert: Americans are concerned about food safety! I know I am. Be sure to read the special Wal-Mart surprise at the bottom...

AG Guest Post: Interning at the Spotted Pig
. I'll be starting an internship soon, but it won't be anything like this... Que Cojones!

Ham and eggs with corn pudding and fried tomatoes
. One can only so much corn on the cob in a given summer, I think it's time for pudding.