Friday, November 10, 2000

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Eric Schaefer studied cooking atop the mountains of Santa Fe, learning the lessons of burnt French Toast and canned hash. Since those enthused days as a student under culinary consumerism and conformity, Eric felt more than just his stomach rumbling. He heard the rumbling of the people, the shouts of the hungry and the cries of the disappointed. Taking up knife and spatula, Eric started feeding and teaching the people. And thus, the Guerrilla Gourmet was born…

Tiffany Simons was born in El Paso, Texas on July 7, 1984. She learned to walk at one month old, read at one year old, touch type at age two, and designed her first website just before entering kindergarten. She enjoys paperback books more than 800 pages long, the sale rack at H&M, and ketchup. She cooks according to plan and measures to the eighth of a teaspoon. Just remember: it's "Simons" not "Simmons" and don't call her "Tiff." If you're in a rush, a simple "T" will do.

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